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Refine translates the terms Lean Construction and change into a language that everyone understands. So that this always succeeds in a goal-oriented manner, we think and act according to the Lean methods that we have refined and call "bottom-up and face-to-face". Empathy, simple concepts, comprehensive knowledge and technical know-how are combined as never before to produce a result that is convincing in all areas of complex design and construction processes.

Know-how now

The implementation of Lean principles is a pedagogic challenge and is steered by our experienced civil and industrial engineers. The key to perfect process execution is based on the simplicity of the method. Besides team spirit, our approach engenders a clear understanding of effective and efficient design and construction processes.

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Stuttgart, 17 November 2017

People are interested in people

We play in every league, whether in a small or large team, both nationally and internationally.

The term Refine stands for improving, grading up and changing. Our network approach is not described by the common loose association of partners; rather, it works with the resounding power of a strategic segmentation into cells. This not only guarantees work performance that is constantly self-optimising, it also guarantees the reliable availability of personnel.


We value the messenger as much as the message

Our employees are what distinguishes our company – extensive experience and the best qualifications combined with motivation and enthusiasm for the goal.

Dr. Claus Nesensohn

The future of construction relies on the harmonic collaboration of all process participants and a coordinated Lean System.

Starting out as a carpenter and civil engineer, my path led to a PhD degree. My consultancy work encompasses national and international projects of every size. As founder and board member of Refine, I bring the causality of all process developments in the trade sections and decision-making hierarchies together and make sure that Lean leads to the success that our clients desire.

Monika Dubiel

Intelligent building demands new thinking.

After graduating in Building Technology and Real Estate Management in Stuttgart and after studying for one semester in Great Britain, it quickly became clear what really drives me. Lean Construction, Lean design and the Last Planner® System are the future of construction. As an experienced consultant at Refine, I have the daily opportunity to make a difference and spur new thoughts and work processes for continuous improvement.

Maximilian Weik

The future of construction is now.

With my Master of Science degree in Building Technology and Real Estate Management, with a focus on structural physics and project management, my experience and passion lie in the realisation of complex construction projects based on the comprehensive and resounding Lean System. As a consultant at Refine I have not only found a home, but also colleagues cut from the same cloth.

Annett Schöttle

How can the new be brought into the construction world?

As a researcher, author, editor, and consultant, I am convinced that the construction industry must change in a lasting way; a transformation from the current conflict culture to a collaborative approach. After studying industrial engineering in Dresden and studying abroad for two semesters in Auckland, and conducting research work at the University of California in Berkeley and at the Pontifical Catholic University in Santiago, Chile, as well as my continuing research activities, I am aware of the importance and effectivity of carrying out a project in a team-oriented way.

Bülent Yildiz

From semi-conductor production to a new hotel building - all these areas have one thing in common:

Only those who meet the challenges of complex design and construction processes and understand them as an opportunity for change, set a sustainable process in motion within projects that is nothing less than the future form of work. As lecturer, founder and member of the board at Refine, with many years of experience in the management of national and international projects in all sectors of the industry, I develop Lean-based production systems with our clients for optimum added value and target-aimed collaboration.

With our enterprise, Refine, we have created the opportunity to position the excellence of our team optimally in the market and at the same time give our activities a mission: Face-to-Face Lean Solutions.

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