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Das Refine-Jahr 2018

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A journey that taught a thousand lessons: my Japan experience with my dream team!

Lifetime experienceIt’s quite rare that we get to experience the so called ‘lifetime ones’. And, it is even rare that they actually turn out to be one. I was said that I would be a part of Refine’s annual study group. And, where to? it turned out to be Japan. Rightly so. Well, for a […]

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Of course, having extra money and bonuses is a way to thank your team for the past year and to celebrate the success of their work. But is this really the best way to have a notable ending of the business year and to really show great appreciation for the provided work and engagement? We […]

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How Visualizing Your Resources Can Lead to Better Flow and More Reliable Commitments

In an office, organizing the available resources and securing reliable commitments in the daily business is important. Especially in companies with different projects, an easy understandable overview of the resources allocation of the weekly work plan and the lookahead is very important.

Bild von Professor Dr. Claus Nesensohn-refine

Prof. Dr. Claus Nesensohn: Berufung zum Professor für Lean Construction an der HFT Stuttgart

Wir bei Refine sind stolz darauf einen weiteren wichtigen Meilenstein in der Firmenentwicklung verkünden zu können. Professor Dr. Claus Nesensohn ist mit dem Wintersemester 2018/2019 nicht nur Zimmerer, Berater und Gründer, sondern auch offiziell zum Professor für Lean Construction, Bau- und Projektmanagement an der HFT Stuttgart berufen worden.

Refine Lean Coffee am 10.10.2018 - Bild des Flipcharts mit Haftnotizen zum Thema Kundenmehrwert - refine


Beim Thema „Kundenmehrwert“ gehen die Definitionen und Ansichten der Branche schnell weit auseinander. Das nahmen wir zum Anlass, das Thema in den Fokus unseres Refine Lean Coffee am 10.10.2018 zu nehmen.