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How Visualizing Your Resources Can Lead to Better Flow and More Reliable Commitments

In an office, organizing the available resources and securing reliable commitments in the daily business is important. Especially in companies with different projects, an easy understandable overview of the resources allocation of the weekly work plan and the lookahead is very important.

Being Lean & Seen: Meeting the Challenges of Delivering Projects Successfully in the 21st Century

There are a huge need and potential impact in improving project management (PM) perspective to meet the challenges of the 21st century. This concern extends to lean and agile academics and practitioners and has come especially to the attention of EU countries. In this respect, a research study is being funded by the European Commission […]

Lean Coffee – Umsetzung in 4 einfachen Schritten

Kurz: Ein Lean Coffee ist ohne Agenda, zielgerichtet und produktiv. Er setzt voraus das nur über Themen gesprochen wird, die für alle von Interesse sind weshalb ein Lean Coffee die ideale Plattform bietet Ideen zu besprechen und sich auszutauschen. Die Idee und das Format des Lean Coffee kommt aus der Stadt, die ohnehin schon für […]