Of course, having extra money and bonuses is a way to thank your team for the past year and to celebrate the success of their work. But is this really the best way to have a notable ending of the business year and to really show great appreciation for the provided work and engagement? We at Refine believe, that there are things, that count much more than money: Experience and knowledge.

This is why we take all of our consultants on an annual Kaizen Study Tour. After visiting the Stanford University and Silicon Valley last year, the team is heading to Japan from December 16 -19. These tours not only show recognition to the consultant’s work but furthermore provide them with once in a lifetime experiences and valuable knowledge that can’t be weighted with money.

Japan journey preview 2018 - foto collage with traditional Japanese motives - refine

The four-day itinerary takes Refine on factory visits, provides the team with senior management discussions and lean training. Traditional Japanese meals and tours to lean concepts, such as a lean elementary school, grocery store or rest stop engage the team to immerse itself into the original Japanese thinking behind lean and its successful application across a range of industries.

Japan journey preview 2018 - illustration of the Toyota Production System - refine

Illustration of the Toyota Production System.
Source: © 2017 Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd

“The purpose of this journey is to really unlock the secrets of a sustainable and initialized lean thinking. Therefore, we’re willing to understand not only the Toyota Production System but overall Japan and its ancient tradition of living the lean way.”

Bülent Yildiz, CEO Refine Projects AG

Japan journey preview 2018 - foto collage with different Japanese street scenes - refine

This Kaizen Study Tour will broaden our thinking and strengthen our knowledge of lean management principles. Furthermore, the trip widens our experience with successful lean implementation, kaizen and kaikaku philosophies in some of Japan’s top companies and develops the understanding necessary to implement these within our organization and the projects of our clients. To put it briefly, this trip sustainable changes the way we think and overall, the work for and with our clients.

“I’m sure, this tour will not only change the way we think and speak about lean, but furthermore will take our company and the projects of our clients to the next steps in our joint lean journey.”

Claus Nesensohn, CEO Refine Projects AG

On our Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn we’ll share our experiences during the trip. Stay updated and don’t miss our latest learnings about Japan’s Way of Lean Thinking!

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